Data Extraction using Form Recognizer of Cognitive Service (v2.1)


  1. An Azure Subscription
  2. Subscription to the Form Recognizer
  3. An Azure Storage Account

Subscribe to Form Recognizer service

First of all, Go to the Azure portal and create a new Form Recognizer resource . In the Create pane, provide the following information:

Create Form Recognizer
Create Form Recognizer
Form Recognizer Service Key and Endpoint

Azure Storage Account

We need a storage account to upload the sample files and pdf documents that we will use to train the model for data extraction.
1. Type the Storage account in the search bar and click on that.
2. Click on the Add button and add the below details and click on Review + Create Button.

Blob Storage Account
Blob Storage Account
Generate Blob service SAS URL

Docker pull for the Form Recognizer container

In this quickstart, you’ll use the Form Recognizer REST API with the sample labeling tool to train a custom model.
Set up the sample labeling tool
To run the below commands docker should be configured on your local computer. Well, we do this configuration for the Windows operating system. Open the command prompt and run the below commands.

  1. Get the sample labeling tool container with the docker pull command.
    docker pull
  2. Now you’re ready to run the container with docker run.
    docker run -it -p 3000:80 eula=accept
  1. Create a connection using docker.
  2. Create a project in docker using the docker connection.
Set labeling for document fields
Train Model



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